About MxTrak

Based in Birmingham UK, we’ve been working on in-vehicle telematics solutions for blue-chip multinationals for decades.

Using that experience we created services for Fleet Managers who want greater control of their fleets and their costs.

Because most tracking providers weren’t providing a quality service in Africa, we decided that’s where we’d start and our first clients were big brands in West Africa.

Today we provide powerful fleet management services to companies in Africa, the Middle-East and South Asia.

Why work with MxTrak?

International customers

We built MxTrak to work in some of the toughest conditions possible and can manage fleets from Abuja to Zanzibar, and everything in between.

24/7 support

Got a question or need advice? We’re here to help you, even if its after-hours or on a bank holiday. Simply register a request and our team will get in touch.

More than just tracking

With over 25 years experience in enterprise software development, we can integrate fleet management into your other business systems such as SAP and Microsoft CRM.

Customised just for you

Even though MxTrak is packed full of features and functionality, if you need something specific developed, we’d happy to tailor fit the service to your particular needs.

Vehicle Details

Current location: Quarry
Speed: Stationary

Want to provide a fleet tracking and management service to your clients?