GPS Fleet Tracking

Comprehensive tracking features for your fleet.


Vehicles and assets


Monitor a variety of factors such as vehicle speed, direction, location and number of stops in an instant.

Create virtual zones to track vehicles travelling between depots or customer locations.


View the actual quantity of fuel entered into the tanks and the amount of fuel used in any given period.

Lock down access to vehicles remotely to prevent unauthorised usage or in the event of theft.


Diagnose problems with a live view of the dashboard and vehicle start up indicators.

Monitor physical access to vehicles and their cargo with door sensors providing live entry/exit data.


Detect if a vehicle has suddenly been lifted and is at risk of being towed away by road authorities.

Monitor suspicious or illegal vehicle activity without alerting the driver.

Drivers and safety


Get alerts in the event of an accident and build up pre and post impact reports for insurance claims.

See exactly where your drivers are in the event of any difficulties on their journey.


A Driver Key can be used to allow a driver to only start a single vehicle or restricted group of vehicles.

Change the way vehicles are driven with ‘Harsh Acceleration/Harsh Braking’ monitoring.

Routes and deliveries


With routing enabled you can direct drivers to their next job and avoid any unnecessary returns to base.

Generate a record of the cargo being carried and log when they were sent and recieved.


Find the location of and direct drivers to petrol stations, hotels, the emergency services etc.




Record and review vehicle and driver behaviour over a given to improve performance.

See vehicle positions on your smart phone or get locations emailed to your inbox at predefined times.

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For every size of business

From one vehicle to thousands, MxTrak scales to your fleet size and needs.

Upgrades for life

New functionality is rolled out to all our customers as part of their subscription.

Mobile ready reporting

Get insights into your fleet and drivers performance when you’re out and about.