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Many of our clients operate fleets in tough environmental conditions so we prefer to use devices from leading European and US vendors because they have proven to be the most reliable.

However the MxTrak platform is very flexible and can support a range of telematics devices. If you have a particular device you prefer to use just let us know.

MxTrak supports the Calamp LMU200, LMU700, LMU800, LMU900, LMU2600, LMU2700, LMU3000, LMU4200, LMU4250 and the LMU5000.

MxTrak supports the Laipac Tech S-911 and the S-911 Bracelet.

MxTrak supports the Teltonika FM110, FM2200, FM3200 and the FM4200.

MxTrak supports the Falcom STEPP III and the Falcom FOX-EN.

  • "We can quickly direct drivers to the next job, so can schedule more work every month."
  • "Using my mobile I can track my fleet from anywhere."
  • "The fuel tracking tools have really helped keep fuel costs down and vehicles on the road."