How does it work.

In the field

Once you’ve installed the tracking device it can be configured to periodically transmit its position at distance and time intervals of your choosing.

It can be configured to send a message whenever events or pre-set alarms are activated, such as a battery being disconnected, the ignition being turned on/off or a panic button is pressed.

GPRS data packers are delivered to the nearest GSM transmitter.

At our data centre

GPRS messages are sent directly from the GSM network to a bank of servers at our data centre where they are processed. GPRS messages are delivered over the internet and arrive instantly at our data centre.

Vehicle information is immediately verified and processed for display on digital maps and to generate user friendly reports. Because of cost differences in GPRS data in different countries we give you the flexibility to choose the most economical interval of data transmission for your business.

Once the data has been processed any email/sms alerts are sent out to the subscribed emails/sms numbers.

At your office

As a fleet management service provider you can monitor your customers’ assets both locally from your offices and when you are traveling via the web.

MxTrak has been designed so that you can access vehicle positions on digital maps and run reports over the web using a simple web interface. However if you are limited by slow internet speeds or intermittent internet access, our servers can replicate key data onto your own server. You can then view vehicle positions on digital maps and run reports locally from your offices using our desktop client. The desktop client can also be used to view data stored on our servers for a rich user experience.

Using the MxTrak website you can log on and view you vehicles current positions and status.

  • "We can quickly direct drivers to the next job, so can schedule more work every month."
  • "Using my mobile I can track my fleet from anywhere."
  • "The fuel tracking tools have really helped keep fuel costs down and vehicles on the road."

See MxTrak fleet and asset management in action.