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Real-time tracking

Set the tracking interval to specify how often the vehicle can report back its location and monitor speed, direction and number of stops. You can also request the current position of a vehicle with ‘Live Position’.


A Geofence is a virtual area marked on a map which means that every time a vehicle enters or leaves the designated area the system is alerted. This is useful for tracking vehicles travelling between depots or customer locations to prevent any deviation from the route.

The reports will show ‘vehicle has moved’ or ‘vehicle has entered a zone’ if zones have geofences defined.

Fuel monitoring

Fuel usage represents a considerable overhead to any commercial organisation. Appropriate management of fuel is critical to profitability and efficiency of the company. Even small percentage savings can make a significant difference in annual performance figures.

MxTrak allows you to view in real time the actual quantity of fuel entered into the tanks and the amount of fuel used in any given period.

Vehicle immobilisation

If vehicles are being left unattended in an insecure area you can lock down access to vehicles remotely to prevent unauthorised usage.

In the event of a vehicle being reported stolen by a driver you can again remotely disable the engine and render the vehicle unusable.

On-board diagnostics

With one of the more advance telematics devices activated you can help a drive diagnose problems with a vehicle by seeing the dash-board startup sequence live from your desktop.

Cabin and cargo access

With additional sensors fitted to vehicle and cargo doors you can see if the doors are opened. This is useful to know if this happens in area outside of a pickup or delivery zone. It could be a harmless incident such as a driver taking a rest break or allowing law enforcement agencies to check the cargo. Or if it happens regularly it could be a sign of tampering with goods.

Tow-away detection

Advanced sensors detect if a vehicle has suddenly been lifted and is at risk of being towed away by road authorities. You can set up an alert to quickly address the issue and save time, money and the headache of recovering assets.

Covert tracking

With covert tracking enabled you can monitor suspicious or illegal vehicle activity without alerting the driver. This can be useful if you’ve had a number of vehicles stolen and want to see where they are being taken to before you alert the authorities.

Also if you’re drivers are using vehicles for non-work related purposes you can monitor movements before dealing with the issue.

Lower your fuel bills

Cut fuel costs with better route management, vehicle maintenance and efficient driving.

  • "We can quickly direct drivers to the next job, so can schedule more work every month."
  • "Using my mobile I can track my fleet from anywhere."
  • "The fuel tracking tools have really helped keep fuel costs down and vehicles on the road."