Features & BenefitsDrivers and safety

Impact detection & Accident Analysis

Get alerts in the event of an accident and build up pre and post impact reports for insurance claims and driver training.

Panic alarms

See exactly where your drivers are in the event of any difficulties on their journey.

Driving authorisation (Driver Key)

A Driver Key can be used to allow a driver to only start a single vehicle or restricted group of vehicles.

Driving style analysis

Change the way vehicles are driven with ‘Harsh Acceleration/Harsh Braking’ monitoring.

Overspeed Monitoring

Change the way vehicles are driven with ‘Overspeed Alerts’.

Reduce accidents

Cut the risk and cost of accidents by encouraging good driving practices.

  • "We can quickly direct drivers to the next job, so can schedule more work every month."
  • "Using my mobile I can track my fleet from anywhere."
  • "The fuel tracking tools have really helped keep fuel costs down and vehicles on the road."