Features & BenefitsRoutes and deliveries

Flexible routing

With routing enabled you can direct drivers to their next job and avoid any unnecessary returns to base.

Electronic Proof of delivery (ePOD)

Email/SMS clients delivery details which can be used to verify the delivery on arrival in real-time. Sending out missed/damaged items alert to management. Clients can track their deliveries using a FREE mobile App.

Dispatch notes

Generate a record of the cargo being carried and log when they were sent and received.

Points of interest

Find the location of and direct drivers to petrol stations, hotels, the emergency services etc.

Complete more jobs

Get drivers to their next job quickly by finding the fastest, most efficient routes.

  • "We can quickly direct drivers to the next job, so can schedule more work every month."
  • "Using my mobile I can track my fleet from anywhere."
  • "The fuel tracking tools have really helped keep fuel costs down and vehicles on the road."